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User Experience (UX) Designer, Visual Designer

I worked on multiple projects during job at Cognizant as a Visual designer initially and then Information Architect and User experience designer, as a part of Cognizant Interactive. The projects ranged from designing basic webpages, presentations, making software interfaces, visual design of multiple websites and developing mobile versions of desktop websites.

One of the major project I worked was for company called Orbitz, a US based travel website. My role was to develop a responsive mobile version of the desktop website, study the trends and update the desktop website and work on the management portal's UX, designing each screen with all the possible variations. This was an agile process, my manager and client were in based out of US while I was in India, giving me a rigorous experience of working remotely since 2013.

Mobile UX Screens foR Orbitz


Below are some examples of the mobile screens worked on during Orbitz Project. These screen are Only focused on the flight bookings, not all the permutations are shown here, but gives a fair idea about the amount of details worked on, on each page. I developed all the screens, from Hotels, Cars and all the combo Packages that the sight has.


Other major Projects

HE of website (Indian food industry based client) - UX Designer

Heuristic Evaluation based on the ‘ten general principles for user interface design’ was done for the client's website in this project along with the scope, findings and recommendations for the same.

Internal Web App (US based FDA Client) - UX Designer

Scope of the project was to design a new internal application based on the client’s requirements. The app was regarding managing the documents received from Food and Drug Administration.

Point of contact (managing) for UX and VD deliverables (US based Retail Giant)

We had to develop the proof of concept for an internal application for the client. We developed new wireframes and visual design for Desktop, Touch and Mobile platforms. I coordinated the work from UX and Visual Designers on a daily basis and was a medium between design team and development team.

Website UX (US based luxury departmental store) - UX Designer

We had to relook at Niemen Marcus existing Website from UX perspective and redesign it. I created wireframes for their transition to online shopping portal.

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